Half way there part 1

15 Jul 2013

It was realy good fun to meet all the teams at the launch. I shook hands with lost of people and looked in there cars, jeeps and vans. Than we where interviewed and hand to shoutare team name realy loud.  They gave out free stickers for our van. There were 40 teams total going 21 made it to launch. We launched at horse guard parad in London near the palace. We drove out onder a blow up arch and wave good bye to  spke, my mum's cousin and set of to dover  

After  hot drive we found our first campsite in Germany. It was brilliant because they had a pool and a lake and we had a swim and then went fishing in our PJ's. Luckily we had stopped in Decathlon before leaving france and bought some fishing line.  I caught a fish a big one but I yanked the line too quickly and the fish let go. I cast again and the fish bit almost instantly but when I tried to lift it out of the water it hit against the wooden dock, tangled my line and swam away.
After visiting Prague in the Czech Republic which was very interesting, we crossed the Polish border and found another campsite. There were kids playing tip tip the can in Polish it was quite funny to watch one came over to Sammy and asked him do you want to play with us. At least that is what we guessed. We ended up playing volleyball because they couldn't explain the rules. It was fun!
We drove on and stayed with a lady called Yola. She was very nice; she helped me make a clay bowl.  She had a pingpong table and I kept on playing more games with Sammy. There were kids there because their parents were doing a course with my mom. I played with the kids but it was hard because they spoke Polish and I spoke English. But I managed with hand gestures.

We crossed the border into the Ukraine and my parents took me on a little mystery tour.  It kept on getting more confusing when finally we arrived at someone's house, went in and there was a boy called Dima, his brother called Sasha, two little sisters called Sofia & Luba.  Dima is 10 and when I got there I was turning 11.
The mystery tour ended there because my Dima's mother Natalie took us to a kid's park where there were plastic hamster balls in a swimming pool. You got inside it, and a man with a leaf blower, blew the plastic ball up and pushed you out into the pool. It was very difficult to move, sometimes I gave up. You could hear the echoing of the water in the ball. Then Dima came in in a second ball and we tried to bump into each other. Then we went to a indoor kids play centre, where we chased each other around the slides, climbing walls and trampolines. We bounced on the trampolines. Dima and my brother Sammy are both gymnasts. Dima was doing front and back flips, and we were all jumping onto the walls of the trampoline and jumping back down again.
My Mom and Natalie arrived with 5 pizzas and apple juice. We sat down and ate very fast because we were hungry, and drank the whole carton of apple juice so they had to buy more. After that, we werent very clever, and bounced on the trampolines with full stomachs. We went into a ball pit and I didnt feel well not surprisingly. After that, a voice came from the speakers which were playing music, and the song "Happy Birthday" came on and the mascot of the kids' playing area, a lion, came out with a cake and I blew out the candles and took a picture with the mascot.
We played for the last 5 minutes. Then went to Dima's home and slept for the night.