Half way there part 2

31 Jul 2013

We entered Russia all most instantly sun flowers fields poppeed up evey where. There where a lot of eagles, big combine harvesters were in the field  harvesting loads of crops.
We stayed in Saratov with a couch surfing lady and her son. The took us to a river beach that was very shallow up to our waist. There were lots of people at the beach. We brought our donut float that a french man gave us and relaxed in the water in the sun. When we tried to leave the beach a bus came and about 50 people were on and 50 people tried to get on. We waited for the next bus but it was still crowded when we swished on. 
Later we walked through a park looking for chess. We didn't find it but we got to do a shooting game.


After Russia we entered Kazakhstan and stayed with another couch surfer who took us to a park. There were lots of rides and fun things to do very cheap. Sammy tried out a stay on the ladder game, but he fell off. I tried mini golf and we both went on go-carts. Then we found fountains that came up under a grid on and off. We ran through them getting soaked and dragged dad in too. It was good fun.


We met a man who brought us to his village. There were lots of kids there and we played football with them until very late. They gave us food and I had milk fresh from the cow that was still warm.