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Think you want to help?

Once in Mongolia we will deliver our vehicle and we hope to volunteer on one of the charity's childrens' projects along with our kids.


Our fundraising target is ambitious: €10,000 - €15,000, which will cover vehicle purchase, all transport and travel costs, seed purchases, additional donation of cash to the charity (minimum £1000 required) and possibly cash to other charities in Mongolia (if we make our top target).

How you can help

  • A Personal Cash donation (see donation buttons on the right) - any amount would be great!
  • Run a small fundraiser yourselves for us, coffee morning, tell your friends some stories about your mad family and have a donations box out. Tell them about the blog if they want to follow our journey.
  • Get your kids to have a cake/bake sale in their class in aid of the children we will be helping. We will send pictures of these our children to your kids and their class- so they have a direct link- kids helping kids to help kids
  • Send us emails and contacts of anyone who you thing might really like this project who we could add to our wider fundraising mail shots we will be developing and sending out soon.
  • Get your company/work place to sponsor us or run a cakes morning with your co-workers with a donation box
  • Something cool we haven't thought of to fundraise.

If you do create a fundraising event please get in touch in advance and we will make the contact as personal as possible sending specific and relevant details, in addition to links to our blog posts, we can do follow up emails to your group to involve them and send thanks etc.

Or you can donate some of the items on the Wishlist we received from the charities in Mongolia.  Please contact us first, though, as we have limited space in the van!

It's not just money

If you don't have energy or funds or a particular interest in this, then please just wish us well and send positive thoughts for our journey- we need these too:)